Information for Custom Ordering

Glass Information

Call for pricing and availability. Items will be worked on as soon as payment is received.

Fused & slumped glass is food safe.

Standard shapes & size ranges for slumping:

  • Plates:
    • Round: 5.5 inches up to 12 inches with plain, ruffed or rippled rims
    • Misc. plate shapes: deviled egg, hexagon, swoop, scoop, heart, oval, rectangle, divided dip, 1/2 divided dip
    • Square: 3 inches up to 12 inches with rims or unrimmed sushi styles or trays
  • Bowls: 4.75 inches up to 14 inches with no rim, plain or ruffed rims, in round, octagon, square or round shapes
  • Misc. shapes: Napkin holders, vases and business card holders
  • Miscellaneous accessories for fused glass: wrought iron stands for display, nightlight clips and stands, letter openers, wine bottle stoppers, and purse hangers
Choose what you would like me to make and let me know:
  • size
  • shape
  • colors
  • artwork if applicable
  • budget

Keep in mind most artwork can be sized to your desired size and shape.

To view fused glass color visit the following websites (please note that glass colors vary in price and can affect the final price of your piece and availability should always be verified ) for flat glass pieces and rods

http://www, for stringers and noodles

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