Information for Custom Ordering

Wall Art Quilts

Wall art quilts are not designed to be washed but can upon request have water safe photos included.

Functional art quilts are made to be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. Do not ring out.

Rods for hanging are not included but pockets for the rods are.

I require the following information for custom quilts:

  • Photos saved in a .jpg file or the originals which will be returned.
  • Finished size of design.
  • Colors of all items.
  • Font style for lettering & size along with a printed sample. (some fonts change due to the programs used)
  • Style and theme of the piece.
  • Information for custom labels with your sentiment and any additional information can be included for the back side of the quilt.
  • Any adornments that you wish to have included like embroidery, beading, glass pieces and the like.
  • Copies of art work or originals that need to be coordinated with.

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