Information for Custom Ordering

Embroidery Information

Digitizing services:

I require the following information for digitizing:

  • Art work saved in a .bmp or .jpg file along with a printed or faxed copy. (Some fonts change due to programs.)
  • Finished size of design.
  • Colors of all items.
  • Font style for lettering & size.
Digitizing Pricing:

Set up $3.00 per 1,000 stitches, minimum charge $25.00 (No set up charge of simple stock lettering) one time only fee per design

Simple lettering on a curve or shape or simple outlines $10.00

Items will be worked on as soon as payment is received.

Example of digitizing prices:
  1. You need your name "Bob Simpson the Professional Painter" digitized in black half inch high letters for the front of your uniform along with a stock logo of the outline of a painter next your name, making the entire design approximately 2 inches high by 6.5 inches wide, approximately 6,500 stitches . That would cost $25.00 to set up and only $8.00.
  2. You need your yoga studio logo big enough for a duffel bag or the back of a sweatshirt. The logo depicts a person in a pose approximately 3 inches high with your custom designed font lettering approximately 1.5 inches high. The total dimensions of the design end up being 3inches X 10 inches with letters I have to digitize to match. It will likely have close to 20,000 stiches. That would cost $60.00 for set up. Then to stitch it out each time it would cost $24.00.

I have loads of stock designs available in all sorts of categories. Just contact me & I can show you.

Note: Designs can only be sized up on down a maximum of 20% of the original size. After 20 % the design must be re-digitized to the new size requirements. Example: a design digitized for a hat cannot be resized to a center front sweatshirt design. It would have to be redesigned.

Hat dimensions, maximum size 2inches high X 5 inches long.

Embroidery Services:
  1. Art work saved in a.bmp or .jpg file along with a printed or faxed copy. (Some fonts change due to programs.)
  2. Finished size of design.
  3. Colors of all items.
  4. Font style for lettering & size.
  5. I need to know what item is to be embroidered on, an item purchased from Pieces of Me or one supplied by you, the client.

    Blank apparel (like sport shirts, sweats & fleece, outerwear, robes, hats, children's clothes) and accessories (like bags, towels, totes, blankets and aprons) are available through the Pieces of Me wholesale suppliers:
    If you find an item you like please note: the style number, the color desired, the size, and the quantity of each needed. Then call Pieces of Me for current prices and availability.

  6. Desired location of design placement on object or apparel: center front or back, left or right front, any other location.
Embroidering Prices:

1-6,700 stitches $8.00 per stitch out Every 800 stitches after 6,700 add $1.00.

Items will be delivered as soon as payment is received.

Examples of Embroidery Prices:
  1. You need your name, Bob, over the left front pocket in black thread a half inch high on the bowling shirt you've purchased. It will cost you $8.00, since it's a simple name there is no set up fee. Then if you need it on any other shirt you own it will cost $8.00 each time it is sewn out.
  2. You have an intricate design of 35,000 stitches that cost $100.00 to digitize,
Copyright information:

Please note that many corporate logos and designs on purchased items are copyright protected and cannot be digitized without the express permission of the owner.

Rush Fees:

Apply for any orders needed in less than 14 days a cost of 20% of the total fee, for a minimum of $25.00.

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