Information for Custom Ordering

Custom Cards

All cards include an envelope & multiple orders 8 and over will have an extra envelope.

Pricing: 1-9 10-19 20-40 50-99
5 X 7 folded $2.79 $2.39 $1.99 $1.79
4.25 X 5.5 folded $2.49 $2.19 $1.89 $1.49

Items will be delivered as soon as payment is received.

Information needed:

Photos need to be submitted via e-mail in a .jpeg format (the preferred method) or original prints with a self-addressed stamped envelope, for the safe return. Please call & we can work out a good layout and perhaps a border for the photo. Remember, the quality of the original photo cannot be changed. There are some ways to make them look better but if is a blurry photo I cannot change that fact.

Set up fees:

Photos that need cropping, fixing or border manipulation will incur a onetime minimum cost of $5.00 for 1-19 cards and a 20% of the total cost for cards 20 and over.

Submit any text that you wish to include for the front, the inside cover and the main inside page. Make sure of proper spelling and punctuation because it is going on just the way it came to me. All text on custom cards will be black ink but please note the style of font either printed or cursive style.

Note: rush fees apply for any cards needed in less than 14 days for a cost of 20% of the total fee, for a minimum of $10.00.

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